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Theo Acworth is an English photographer, writer and voice-over artist currently residing in Innsbruck, Austria. He first picked up a camera at the age of 14 to document himself and his friends skateboarding. Since then, he’s never really put one down. The experience of life makes more sense to him with a camera than without, and he usually has one in his hand or pocket. 

Originating from action sports, Theo's process is lightweight, streamlined, and above all else, authentic. His personal blend of photography incorporates a healthy dose of fisheye, an irreverent sense of humour, a love of visual experiments, plenty of shadows, an appreciation of style, and a just a little bit of the unknown. 

A usual day will involve him lying on the concrete, snow or dirt, climbing things that weren’t meant to be climbed, and putting himself and his fisheye directly in the path of fast moving objects in order to get unique photographs that truly hit. 

Whether he’s documenting the world's top action sports athletes, shooting stories for magazines or working on editorial campaigns for international brands, the approach remains the same: do whatever it takes to get the shot, and have a good time doing it. For reasons unknown, he also enjoys photographing pigeons.