Fridtjof Sæther Tischendorf  with two monster energry promo girls
xgames norway scafolding jump at the telenor arena
xgames commentator and skateline host gary rodgers
plastic plants in the xgames Telenor Arena
terje håkonsen with a gopro in his mouth
terje håkonsen dropping in to the telenor arena
ethan morgan next to some shampoo
Fridtjof Sæther Tischendorf  hitting the telenor arena jump
rene rinnekangas ready to drop into the telenor arena
halldor helgason looking happy
jamie anderson in a golf buggy
fridge full of drink in the athlete lounge
Fridtjof Sæther Tischendorf  screwing around
a fridge with water in it
frode sandbech and rene rinnekangas
plastic plants in the arena
hungover ethan morgan and his younger sister annika sat in a bus
max parrot ready to drop in
anna gasser standing next to a plastic plant
Dex Carrington aka Jørgen Kjønø with a tshirt gun
tor lundstrom getting a tattoo at the monster booth
commentator and host jack mitrani standing in a coridoor
plastic plants in a coriddor
xgames host and tv cameraman standing at the bottom of the jump landing
olav stubberud looking fierce
a crew member hanging in a hammock under the stage
a garbage bin full of snow 100ft up in the air
plastic plants and shampoo
xgames norway crowd in the telenor arena
a man watching tv and looking lonely
xgames mens podium and media scrum
Dex Carrington aka Jørgen Kjønø on the big screen looking scary
a single bottle of fanta inside a fridge

I was invited to attend the one-day Xgames Oslo on behalf of Method Magazine, and these are the images that I shot there. As you can tell, I was more interested in the details than the action. I figured that there were enough other photographers taking care of that, so I spent my time shooting plastic plants and portraits. I was also kicked off the skate course for apparently crashing the women's practice. There were only two of them there, and it didn't look like much of a practice to me, but at least I got to skate a bit. Since these photographs were shot, Method Mag has not been invited to attend any subsequent Xgames events.

You can read the full recap here

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